Alexandrite stones

11614&11615.psdAlexandrite are famous for their colour changing nature. They appear green in day light or fluorescent light and brownish or purplish red in lamp or candle or incandescent light this is by their ability to absorbing light and this effect is called alexandrite effect.

Alexandrite is rare variety of chrysoberyl. It is also a pleochronic gem which means it can show different colours in different directions typically the colours are green, orange and purple red. This property is also by light absorbing property. Alexandrite are very rare gems especially in larger sizes hence it is a relatively expensive member of gem family.

They¬†are abundantly ¬†found in Russia’s Ural mountains. Other than Russia they are found in Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil. The gem got its name after Alexander 2 was an young ruler of imperial Russia. The fine alexandrites are very rare are valuable.

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