Buying Colored Gemstone Jewellery

When selecting coloured gemstone consider the following:

  • Do you love the colour?
  • Does the gemstone have brilliance and fire?
  • Does the gem have light throughout the stone, or are their flat areas?

Some jewellers offer loose coloured gemstones and will help you create a personalised mounting. You may prefer to buy a finished jewellery item. Discuss how you see yourself wearing the piece so that your jeweller can help you select mountings consistent with your lifestyle. This will provide the best safeguard for your purchase.
You have the right to know what you are buying, whether it is a natural gemstone, an enhanced or treated gemstone, or a synthetic gemstone. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established guidelines for the jewellery industry stating that jewellers must disclose any treatment that is not permanent, that creates special care requirements, or that affects the gemstone’s value. Likewise, if a material is synthetic, it must be disclosed. Jewellers, who are members of Jewellers of America, uphold a high code of professional practices and commit to disclosing all such information, in the belief that a well-informed jewellery purchaser is a satisfied purchaser.

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